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Services to Consortia

Innovation and research services include hosting of open source and other collaborative projects.  In addition, The Open Group research and innovation team can provide technical research and consulting, with a particular focus on technology transference from research to practical implementation.

Success Stories: The Open Manageability Project was established to produce an open source implementation of the WBEM/CIM standards.  The Open Group is hosting this project and provides project management, technical resources and infrastructure services. Additionally, we provide resources to the development activity and facilitate the operation of various collaborative bodies to oversee and control the project.

Collaborative Projects

Open source hosting or homesteading

The Open Group provides the following project management and operational services for projects involving open source implementations of open standards:

  • Formation of a project steering committee, including establishment of the rights and responsibilities of members, rules and bylaws.
  • Establishment of an architecture project team.
  • Provision of a project manager with responsibilities for the project plan and implementation strategy, coordination, liaison, technical direction, leadership.
  • Ongoing management and oversight of the committee(s) and the architecture team.
  • Conflict resolution.
  • Facilitation of market awareness and adoption criteria.

The Open Group can provide technical resources to handle:

  • The master source, 
  • Access control, 
  • Distributions and problem handling, 
  • Monitoring, 
  • Testing, 
  • Development of and adherence to development guidelines, and
  • Technical documentation.

The Open Group can also provide infrastructure services, which include:

  • Meeting and teleconference management,
  • Email and web access, web site publishing and maintenance,
  • Online discussion groups,
  • Public relations and press release coordination,
  • Online document review and comment system. (see standards)

These infrastructure services are similar to those offered to consortia to support consortia activities (see management services for detail). 

Oter Collaborative Projects

Using the model applied to open source projects, The Open Group provides support for other collaborative projects. This support has taken various forms, as The Open Group has participated in and coordinated  several EEC funded projects including TIE and ALPINE.


Through its Government Programs group, The Open Group provides a consulting and technology transfer resource specializing in commercial and government customers use of government-sponsored advanced technologies. The Open Group offers consultation in establishing and managing research projects to meet client needs.

The Open Group's experienced engineers have assisted clients with:

  • Quality of Service (QoS) requirements definition,
  • Joint design and trade-off studies,
  • Advanced development and pre-production test beds,
  • Acquisition and integration of commercial QoS related software, and
  • Development of QoS software required for effective end- to- end system QoS design and implementation.


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